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are creating DARK FILTHY S6t6n Servery and prime le66on6 from earth heart

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3v3nt PLUSH

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 The $3 «3v3nt PLUSH» tier offers full access to some of the current fiction published every Friday, and flash fiction regularly surprises. 
For Patrons, this is a great way to help the community say, “Thank you!” and get something extra.

GClub PatronsUP

Limited (653 of 666 remaining)
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 The «GClub Patrons-UP» Save 10% if you pay annually.
Each content will have an exclusive, sexy high-quality print and a note from me to you!
 NSFW GClub_Men *GIFT_ID* 
 All the above rewards!

Includes Discord benefits


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 The «FULLHELL» tier gives you can additional flash fiction,name characters and give feedback.
Premium chat with other members and region networks.
See who rated your profile. Add any member to your Hotlist!
Exclusive to Patrons.
Remember you are human for a purpose therefore serve goodness and strive for the benefit of your species and youll be rewarded for your stewardship!
Includes Discord benefits